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Sketch recognition

With the sketch & tap functionality and the intelligent sketch
recognition the creation of floor plans was never easier and more


Measure anything: walls, diagonals, objects windows and doors are
all easily measurable in OrthoGraph.

Intelligently updating measurements

The software tries to keep the angles unchanged until it is
possible. OrthoGraph always reflects the entered distances
instantly by moving the secondly chosen point from the first
chosen into the direction of measurement.

Reports, Calculations

Every important calculation is in your hand. Get painting area,
volume, perimeter, area of all openings, area of the walls without
openings, etc. and make floor plans or 3D renders for selling or
get the PDF room book directly on site.

3D model

The app handles everything in a complex 3D Model, this means that
it is not only a great presentation opportunity but a complex
Model that handles all the data such as walls, objects and
openings in a 3D Model.

BIM structure

OrthoGraph handles several BIM properties such as a complex
hierarchical location structure, doors and windows with opening
directions, 46 intelligent objects with properties; walls have
properties like color, attached picture etc.…

Cloud Storage

And last but not least use OrthoGraph Cloud to backup your work
with versioning and use the also unexampled teamwork function that
allows many people to work in the same floor plan.

Export the results of your work

When you are ready with your work, export the files in one of the
professional output file formats like IFC, DXF, JPG and use them
further in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or in Solibri Model viewer.

Orthograph Matrix:


Sketch rooms individually X
“Sketch & Tap” – full floor plans simply X
Measuring – walls, openings, diagonals X
Element properties with camera, GPS etc. X
Leica/Bosch support X
Supporting hotspots X
Bend/unbend walls X
Handling objects X
Label functionality X
Redlining/Annotation functionality X
Cloud access X
On-site surface/area/perimeter reports X
Dropbox, Box, E-mail integration X
Full 3D functionality X
Unlimited number of projects X
Number of rooms per project limited to unlimited
Location structure & multi-story buildings X
Wall thickness can be set to any
Floating islands X
Background image X
Premium support / online training Per Purchase
Cloud Projects unlimited X
Limited to store up to 2 projects
Can create own folders – Cloud X
Can create shared folders – Cloud
Can buy Employee License
Teamwork – Merge/Split projects X
Accesses shared folders – Cloud X
JPG/PNG Exports X
PDF Roombook X
Excel Export X
DXF Export X
IFC Export X
SRVD – transfer to ArchiCAD Purchase Add-On